Art Stuff

poems,drawings,and music that id like to share with the world~


bipper??! i couldn’t resist! 

(blue pencil, mechanical pencil, micron pens)

2 kids going on an adventure ^^ bad quality cause i used my laptop’s webcam quq

(bluepencil, mechanical pencil, micron pen)

doodling brave, trying to figure out how to draw her for my friend’s “going away to college” gift 

(blue pencil/mechanical pencil)

My final film!! 

(traditional animation/blue pencil/MPHS animation program)

Final Senior Film

Finals Week: Scott Pilgrim Edition


Hello! I’ve never done a personal blog on here because it’s an art blog, but I just want to say if you’re still following me, thanks for sticking around.

Currently I’m working on my high school senior film, and it’ll be done in 5 weeks! I will soon be updating my blog with my film portfolio! 

Working on chem~~ thinking bout pretty boys~~

haha look what i’ve been watching

messy sketch/color


i wanted to draw something cool but i gave up

armin is hands down one of my favorite characters

(Paint Sai)

Finished my portfolio for my upcoming senior project! The full thing will be up soon so stay tuned :>

another sneak peek! (Jenna and Daniel)

(Blue pencil)

another sneak peek to my upcoming project…. stay tuned

(Blue Pencil)

sorry picture quality so bad

attempt at john lennon for my dad’s bday